The Designer

I’m Sabrina, and I make art.

There’s just something so unique and special that I love about making art. It’s unlike anything else, watching a piece unfold before your eyes. Graphic design is especially something that I enjoy because there’s a freedom in it that is not often found elsewhere. It’s about expression and passion, combining an interest in a variety of things to make a masterpiece.

As someone whose interests range from languages to aliens, graphic design is a uniting factor across them all, a medium through which I can combine the things I love. What started as simply a hobby has slowly grown into something I dedicate the majority of my time to, between working professionally and with organizations as a designer.


Macula Graphics

Macula (pronounced mack-you-luh), while more commonly known in the ocular profession, is here used as the planetary science term for dark spots on the surface of planets and moons. The logo, at first glance a stylized ‘m’ inside a circle, actually features the heart-shaped icy macula found on the surface of the dwarf planet Pluto. A fitting tribute, I think, to the first thing I ever loved.



I have seven years of profession design experience, mostly in branding, flyer design, and front-end web design. Current and previous clients include: